I discovered ‘Beauty by Allison’ through instagram and immediately scheduled a dermaplaning appointment with Allison. The dermaplaning procedure is using a small type razor to scrape the top layer of dead skin off. It also removes the unwanted peach fuzz hair, and reveals brighter/smoother skin. Allison was so professional and delivered such a great treatment! She also helped me understand more about skincare products and how to properly take care of my skin after the treatment. I highly recommend her services, and I can’t wait to schedule another appointment with her!
— Amy S.
I have been a loyal client of Allison for several years. She does a beautiful job with my lash extensions every time. Every week I get compliments from strangers who want to know who does my eyes. Allison’s monthly microdermabrasion facials and skincare have kept my skin smooth and healthy. I can’t thank the whole staff enough for keeping my look young and fresh.
— Lauren C
Allison is a professional, well educated and trained Aesthetician and Lash Stylist. I am always thrilled with the results when I leave my appointments whether I am there for eyelash extensions or chemical peels. Allison is always on top of new trends and product. I can say that almost every single time I have an appointment I learn something new. It could be about my skin, nutrition, and more. She is a remarkable young woman. I have been seeing Allison well over a year now and could not be happier.
— Kimberlee M
I’ve been her client for five years+. She has juggled her schedule to coordinate with mine with precision and care. She has gone above and beyond to secure a perfect spa experience. I highly recommend her services.
— Claire T.
It is a true pleasure to experience the talents of Allison Bingham. The session takes place in a very comfortable environment and the lashes look wonderful, lasting a full 3 weeks and more. I often forgo wearing makeup at all.
— Sharon C.
Allison first introduced me to the beauty of lashes 4 years ago before a trip I had scheduled to St. John’s. I wanted something that looked somewhat natural and was low maintenance because I knew I’d be on the beach a lot. I’ve been addicted ever since. I’ve changed my style for different occasions and Allison has always done a great job of listening to what my new desired length and/or volume is and getting my lashes where I want them to be. Not to mention she creates such a relaxing and calm environment. It is truly a spa experience with her. She adds a gentle touch and good vibes to make each visit enjoyable.
— Stephanie G
I have been going to Allison for about 6 years. Her service makes your skin significantly better. She never tries to sell you expensive products or services that you don’t need.
— Nuzhat M.
I’ve been asked before what type of makeup is essential for my “look”. I used to say mascara, I now say eyelash extensions and I also let everyone know that I gain 15 minutes back in my day by skipping the mascara application process. I even feel like I need less makeup now. I just need my extensions, some blush and lipgloss. Life is easier now, the way it should be for a soon to be mother of 2. Visiting allison twice a month is the best thing I do for myself as a mother and she also takes care of my microdermabrasions before every other eyelash appointment. I love seeing her and I love her work!
— Crosbi S.
I’ve been going to Allison for about 2 years now. If you are looking for someone that has a lot of knowledge about skin and lashes she’s your girl! Does an amazing job on my lashes, she’s quite the protectionist! Allison is your best choice in the Austin area, you won’t be disappointed.
— Brenda C.