6 Skincare Tips to Fight Air Pollution

Everyday we wake up, get ready, hustle, live our lives, and love those close to us. 

And we breath. 

We've done it everyday since we were born. 

But did you know that a major contributer to premature aging is the air we breathe? 

It has been found that more than 200 chemicals in the air cause premature aging.

Air pollution from city life added as much as 10% to perceived aging
Indoor air can be 10X as polluted as outdoor air. 

This may seem overwhelming to you, because, let's get real, we don't really have control over the air in our environment. 

But actually, we do. 

Three very specific plants have been noted to grow clean air in your indoor environment. 

Money Plant

1. Money plant (toxic to animals
2. Mother-in-law tongue (toxic to animals) 
2. Areca Palm

If you've got the indoor space to allot for a few of these bad boys, I recommend you invest in them. Be careful if you have pets, some of these are toxic. 

Mother-in-law tongue

The Mother in Law Tongue is particularly good to keep in your bedroom because it converts CO2 to oxygen at night, while you're sleeping. 

Other tips to help:

1. Make sure you wash your face for a minimum of 1 minute. This will ensure you scrub away any of those toxic chemicals still resting on the surface of your skin. 

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2. Cleanse your skin twice daily, unless you've worked out mid-day, then cleanse another after that. 

3. Pay attention to the active ingredients in your cleanser. Over the counter cleanser typically won't contain high enough actives to break down oils and toxins. 

4. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins and chemicals out of your system. 

5. Use free-radical blocking skincare products, such as a Vitamin C Serum. 

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6. NEVER sleep with your makeup on. 

Allison Bingham