Eyelash Extensions: 16 Aftercare Tips


Eyelash extensions are an investment. One we women tend not to make lightly. 

That's why we do our homework. We scour instagram and yelp for reviews and photos. We talk to our friends and family about their experiences and recommendations - and eventually - we find the best artist there is. 

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Now that you've made it official with these babies, you'll want to protect that investment. Here are some aftercare tips to ensure the health and longevity of your relationship with eyelash extensions.  


16 Tips to Care for Lash Extensions:

  1. Keep the lash extensions dry for the first 24 hours after application.
  2. When cleansing your skin, use a wash cloth and avoid the eye area. 
  3. Be gentle. Do not tug, pull, or rub on the extensions. 
  4. Avoid all oil-based products on or around the eyes.
  5. Oil will most certainly break down the adhesive, causing premature lash loss. 
  6. Your fingers contain oil and dirt, so avoid touching the lashes.
  7. Clean your lashes daily (after the initial 24 hours).
  8. Only use water-based mascara (if you must) and apply from the middle to the tip. 
  9. Absolutely NO water proof mascara!
  10. Lash tinting must be done 24-48 hours prior to extension application.
  11. Avoid sleeping face down in a pillow. We recommend silk pillowcases if this is unavoidable. 
  12. NO perming the lashes!
  13. Do not curl with mechanical eyelash curlers. 
  14. Do not use cotton containing material on the lashes. No cotton balls!
  15. Do not brush your lashes when they are wet. 
  16. Do LIE and say they are yours!

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Happy Lashing!

Allison Bingham