Are Your Emotions Wrecking Your Skin?

Lack of emotional well being is a major contributor to acne breakouts.

Emotions play an elemental role in the health of your skin.

Think of your skin as an internal mirror. It exposes what lies within. 

If you are feeling stressed, angry, or anxious, your body WILL express this involuntarily through your skin. 

It is only when your internal body is in harmony that your external body will also be in harmony. 

There are a multitude of contributors to skin health, but emotional wellbeing is one of the biggest drivers.


Internalizing stress or harboring anxiety and anger will cause your hormones to fluctuate, throwing your internal balance off. 

This can cause widespread inflammation - which will lead to breakouts.

That is partly what breakouts are. Inflammation of the skin. 

This can also cause sebaceous (oil) glands to become overactive, which will lead to breakouts. 

It is my belief that stress is the leading cause of almost every ailment we experience as humans.

Whether it is an internal stress from poor diet or lack of exercise, or an external stress like your career or relationship with people... 

...if you don’t learn to manage your emotions, your skin is GOING DOWN. 

We try to control every little thing in our lives, when we actually only control our minds, our ideas, and how we put those ideas into motion. 

You have no more power over external things in your life than you do over the air blowing around you.

You just think you do. 

Meditation and practicing stoic philosophy are very powerful tools in finding acceptance and peace.

Try using the Headspace app and reading The Art of Living

(I like to add cocotropic to my butter coffee in the morning. This little brain-boosting mood stabilizer is AH-MAZING!)

And whatever you do, talk about it. Whatever it is. Don’t let it consume you.

Be free of those negative emotions. They only stand to harm you, your happiness, and your health. 

Allison Bingham