3 Tips to Apply Eye Cream Like A Boss

All is takes is one sleepless night for your eyes to make you look 5 years older. 

Ever wonder why that is?

The skin around the eye is only as thick as one sheet of paper, whereas the skin on the face is as thick as three sheets of paper. 

Hint: the term "thick" here actually means thin.

This is why the eyes show age more rapidly than any other part of the body. 

This is why applying eye cream the right away is essential. 

When applying eye cream, it is important to include not only the under eye, but also the upper eye and brow bone. 

Eye creams are intended to be more emollient to ensure proper hydration. 

A little bit of eye cream goes a long way. Over usage can clog the pores. so use sparingly. 

Ever gotten milia under your eyes?

Not only are they a pain in the ass to remove, the process is also terribly painful.

The oils in makeup are one contributor to the development of milia, but over-usage of eye cream is more likely the culprit. 

If the under eyes feel sticky or slippery several minutes after eye cream application, you have applied too much. 

The skin will only absorb what it needs. Excess product can travel into the eye, or cause makeup to smear - not to mention it is wasteful. 


3 tips To apply eye cream properly:

1. Use your ring finger.

Studies suggest that among the phalanges, it is the weakest finger and therefore the prime choice for such a delicate area. 

2. Apply on the entirety of the occipital orbit. 

This border is the protrusion of bone circularly located around the eye socket. 

Application should go from brow bone to under eye on a vertical plane, and from outer nasal bone to just before the temporal region on a horizontal plane. 

3. Be gentle. Never pull or tug on the skin. 

Dab or pat the cream under the eye and spread by tapping in a circular motion around the orbit. 

Ensure the product is fully absorbed before makeup application. 

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Allison Bingham